The International Fashion Designer/Tailor Justin Haynes graced the fashion industry with “The Novel Collection .”

The collection pays homage to the artistic journey and story of JUS10H through green, black, white, denim, brown, and a hint of titanium. A color theme; that will bring the audience through fashionable milestones of ambition, growth, and accomplishments.

This artistic story is guaranteed to change how you view fashion and its meaningful purpose over an individual’s life. If life is art in its purest form, it’s fair to say that Justin Haynes has taken apart his canvas and shared pieces of it in every garment he touches.

You can find full runway presentation and photos from NYFW on “”.

Fashion Designer: Justin Haynes
IG: theofficialjus10h

Female Model: Stewella Daville
IG: iamstewelladaville
WB: @Iamstewelladaville

Hair Stylist: Rootuals
IG: rootuals

Set Designer: Jocelyn I Rivera
IG: j_ive_r

Model: Kiajah Spencer
IG: kiajah.laki_

Photographer: Scott Parker Photo
IG: scottparkerphoto
WB: @scottparkerphoto

Female Model: Vanessa Marie @NEMG
IG: vanxssamarie

Creative Director: Andrew Maxwell
IG: mrandrewjmaxwell

Male Model: Myles Jeh
IG: mylesjeh

Makeup Artist: Sassy Frass
IG: sass_fifth_avenue

Hair Stylist: Martine Maxwell
IG: martinegmaxwell

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