The cover story of our issue 17 is „The Chrysanthemum“. The amazing editorial is created by the Singapore-based fashion designer Vienna Mei and her team. We present to our readers an interview with Vienna Mei, in which he shares with us the story behind the editorial and more.

“The Chrysanthemum was a symbol of the Japanese emperor and imperial family more than a thousand and three hundred years ago. Today it continues to be the National icon of Japanese culture used in passports and coins.

In this campaign, we feature three colours – Red, White, Pink of the Chrysanthemum as statement hair accessories. The modern day Chrysanthemum colours have specific meaning.
Red has romantic connotations, while white ones are used in funerals and grave site. Pink adopts the generic meaning of happiness and longevity.

Shot in Singapore at the Japanese Cemetry Park, tombstones of Japanese soldiers (during World War Two) can be seen in the backdrop.”

Hello Vienna. Let me begin by saying that we are very happy to have you and your beautiful editorial as the cover story of our deluxe issue.

Thank you. It is my pleasure to be on your magazine.

Can you tell us about this campaign on the cover story. What inspired you to shoot this series?

When I designed that gown with the kimono sleeves, I knew we have to feature it beyond look book images. It was just a matter of time when this was done. We did it and I am very glad.

What an amazing styling of the model! And the location.

Yes! Thank you! Kudos to the team! We have a very good model for the Japanese look. The hair and makeup artist Christine is very experienced and she knows what I want in terms of styling and accessories. She has precision. The location was recommended by Jordan, our photographer. He is able to capture the nuance very well.

Do you also work with people internationally?

Of course! I think that is how we can have variety and ideas. We have done shoots with my friends in the US and Russia. We have retailers in the UK and China currently so getting things arranged are quite easy.

Tell us more about your brand.

I started it to make my time more fruitful while waiting to give birth to my daughter in 2015. It was just an impulse and I thought why not. And the rest is history. Our ethos are about being lightweight, airy and comfortable for the big day as well as any special occasions. Responses have been very positive and our designs are very well-received in countries beyond Singapore.

What are your future plans for the brand?

We are underway to expand into the US. Currently, UK and China are ready for the 2022 collection to be shipped. I have a vision for Middle Eastern markets too.

Also is there a particular design/collection you are very proud of?

I designed the Jewel Gown in 2019 for London Bridal Week. It was an inspiration from the iconic Jewel Changi Airport building, which was still under construction back then. A couture piece which I am still very proud of today.

Do you also have a personal goal?

I am a classical musician turned fashion designer. So I did not have professional training with design. The universe seems to know what I need in order to make progress in my journey and I am very blessed with meeting people who offer their help and guidance. For that, I am truly grateful and I will never waste these blessings bestowed upon me. Coming up, I would like something with music and fashion.

Thanks a lot Vienna. It has been a pleasure to get to know you. And congratulations on your great work.

Thank you. It has been a pleasure.

Photographer/Retoucher: Jordan Goh
IG: twistphotographysg

Wardrobe Stylist/Fashion Designer: Vienna Mei
IG: giorgiacouture

Model: Regine Chan
IG: regine_cry

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Christine Tan

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