By Claudia Gonzalez

There is no force strong enough to break away It Girl Sophia Russo from establishing the seeds and working up towards building her empire. As Sophia continues to make waves in this industry, she continuously proves that dreaming big and aiming high is the only way to go. From model to entrepreneur, It Girl Sophia Russo is a rising star who is stepping into the next level of success.

Beauty and fashion remain at the core of Sophia’s passions. As she pursued modeling at an early age, Sophia grew up being unsure of where she fit in the modeling world. In a world that continuously puts women in molds, the only thing that stopped Sophia from taking a leap towards her destined future was the insecurity that came with what others would perceive her. Not long after attending college, Sophia knew that her future had different plans for her and decided to put a pause on that to pursue her passions. But in true Sophia style, she never gave up and after a year and a half she attended Stockton University where she completed her bachelor’s degree.

Now as an LA boss-babe, Sophia has quickly garnered a trusted and supportive following base that continues to root for her throughout her endeavors. Taking a leap and making the move to Los Angeles was the decision that ultimately changed the trajectory of her career as she was exposed to a wide network of influencers that have inspired her to continue growing. It was this very leap of faith that made Sophia uncertain about her future, but with her dedication and passion for her work, she has skyrocketed her way through.

In a city that holds dreams of many, Sophia has been able to grow her social media by surrounding herself with other like-minded influencers and being constantly inspired by those around her. “I grew up in a small town in New Jersey and I didn’t have the confidence back then to even think about modeling but I just thought I didn’t have anything to lose and I am so thankful that I decided to take a risk and just go for it,” she says.

Sophia hopes to inspire others who have been in her shoes to never give up on yourself, and that hitting a low point is normally what propels you to become the best version of yourself. “It’s about navigating the hardships that come along but you just have to focus and not steer away from your goals,” says Sophia. “A lot of the time your hardships are blessings in disguise because that’s how you learn; it builds character as well and builds you towards the higher versions of yourself.”  

As Sophia’s platform continues to grow, she thinks back on those who inspired her to lead this path. With that growth, comes a responsibility that Sophia doesn’t take lightly as she’s working towards getting involved in multiple organizations such as Save the Children, Feed the Children, Compassion International, and Children Defense Fund. As an advocate for women empowerment, Sophia pushes for body positivity and self-confidence. “Times are changing, and I want to keep pushing that as much as I can,” says Sophia.

In true boss babe style, Sophia Russo hopes to use her platform to establish her involvement in the fashion industry a bit more by creating her own line of women’s accessories and lingerie. With Sophia’s drive and motivation, there is no doubt that she will achieve every dream she seeks out.

Photographer: Malik Daniels @mdanielsphoto

Stylist: Sophia Russo @sophmrusso

MUA: Nathaly Muralles @makeupbynathalyxo

Hair: Ashton Allen @nappyphresh

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