Marina Burkhalter photographed the fascinating Sol Romero Campbell for The Style Researcher Magazine. We are very happy to present to our readers an exclusive interview with the star, in which she replied to all our questions about everything from fashion to cinema.

Hello, Sol. Tell us about your start in the film industry. What scared you the most at the very beginning?

I don’t think I’ve ever been scared of anything. You know I love trying new things, I’ve been scared of other things, but not really of beginning any new film project or acting. I see it as a challenge and I love challenges.

You were just 21 when you got your daughter, Elina. How did that influence your career?

Well, it changed everything, to be honest. I literally stopped doing anything for two years. I didn’t get out of my house, I focused and gave my whole soul, mind, and body to my daughter.

Do you like the feeling of being a celebrity?

I don’t really feel any different, because I am always traveling so much and I do not consider myself a celebrity. But anyway, I love my lifestyle. It’s fun.
The best part of it…Hm…. Everybody who you’d ask, they’d say it is the free services and goodies. And if they do not say that- they are lying. Everybody loves it to be and to feel privileged.

Are there things that you would love to have done, but never had a chance to do?

It’s a double-edged sword because once I got offered a leading role in «Noche Libre». It was right after I was done with «Once upon in Mexico», they started to ask for roles and I remember they asked me to be the leading girl, but at that time I was dating Martin and he said: No darling, don’t be so duff, come to James Bond. And I was like Ohh James Bond would for sure be fun too, but I would definitely stay and have done that movie.

Tell us about your new project, the Memory Movie?

It is such an amazing movie, not just because my hubby did it, but because I was able to be part of it. I absolutely love being behind the scene as well and seeing how everything works. It is also the first time that Monica Bellucci was killed in any kind of movie, ever. Being able to see how they do the prosthetics, fake blood, etc was very cool. I loved the process. And obviously being in a team with Guy Pearce and Liam Neeson. That movie is about Alzheimer’s. Even though.. Everybody knows about Alzheimer’s, but how do you cure it? Nobody really knows that. So it is a very hard topic because you can’t cure it and it is something that destroys people mentally. It is a sad thing to have. I am very proud that Martin did that movie to bring more awareness to Alzheimer’s.

Do you think that the Alzheimer’s topic deserves more awareness nowadays?

Yes. Definitely. I think Alzheimer’s is definitely something we need to raise
awareness of, and of any other kind of diseases and illnesses, that we can not really control and we do not have a grip on.

Does the process of getting older scares you?

No, I like it. My daughter always says I am going to be one of those 90-100 years old grannies, going into a nightclub rocking.

On your social media, we see that you started your influencer path. Does fashion interest you?

I love fashion. It is also an art in some ways. I see myself as a new canvas
every day where you can paint yourself and show yourself. It is an opportunity to be in the moment every day.

Talking about the mode. What is your favorite style?

It depends on my mood, but I love Hippy, as long as it is elegant and chic. I love sexy, but it has to be modern. I do not like showing too much. I think a woman has to be sexy and decent at the same time.

What are the next steps for Sol Romero Are there some new projects coming?

There is always something new going on. I am always on the way, doing something. Making the next movie with my husband. I am planning for sure to do one of the soundtracks and hopefully the team like it. I can not just, as many people think, come there and say like: here is the song, take it, because of Martin. If it fits, if the producers like it, if Martin likes it. And if the investors like it. If they do not, it is not in, so it is not like a free pass, which I actually appreciate a lot. It makes you work harder and get better.

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” – Andy Warhol

Model: Sol Romero
IG: solromeroofficial

Makeup Artist: Melisa Selimovic
IG: ms_hair_makeup

Photographer: Marina Burkhalter
IG: wow_swiss

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