The page Works contains some examples of works of Raimondo Rossi, known also as Ray Morrison, fashion editor & photographer for 3D Magazine, Sir-K Magazine, and editor in chief for The Style Researcher.

“ A unique, individual energy of the soul is contained within each human being, displayed through their goals and throughout their lifetimes. The passion I put in my works comes from the belief that that energy should always support those in need of help, and it should be a healthy inspiration for everyone else who is close to us. All of this horizontally crosses each of my services, using together different kinds of knowledges and experiences”.

Work experience:

  • direction & styling, for photoshoots or events
  • photo-reportages/interviews 
  • performances, in the 3 ways below showed


  • Press room at Rome Film Fest
  • Press room at Camera della Moda
  • Press room at Pitti Immagine
  • Press room at Altaroma
  • PhotoVogue
  • Press room at Los Angeles Fashion Week
  • Press Room at Metropolitan Fashion Week, USA
  • FabUK Magazine
  • Sir-K Magazine
  • 3D Magazine
  • British Thoughts Magazine

Art Direction (Examples)

  • For Art/Fashion Shootings and Visual Story Telling
  • For Asbo magazine, London
  • For Saturno film festival
  • For FabUK Magazine


  • Pitti91
  • Pitti92


It can be in 3 ways: pure performance, modeling, acting.

Examples of Pure performance

  • Saturno film festival 2016

Examples of Modeling

For Archilista's clothes:
  • Pitti89
  • Pitti90

Examples of Acting

Featured in many video art festivals:
  • “Abaddon” and “3”, by Francesca Lolli, featured in several videoart festivals.