“Sumakh by AFFFAIR”

Top celebrity Designer Rufat Ismayil hit Paris fashion week by storm with the unique Haute Couture collection “Sumakh”. 

The “Sumakh by AFFFAIR” Haute Couture collection is an ode to the ancient Azerbaijani carpets, the ode to the brave Azerbaijani people and their great history, the ode to the long-awaited Karabakh Victory.

These patterns are reflected in the unique fabrics created specifically for the “Sumakh” Haute Couture collection. More than 80% of these unique fabrics are handicrafts decorated with semi-precious stones, muline threads, ancient techniques of rococo, “kurchuk” and “sarma” techniques. And each outfit is a stunning piece of art.

Azerbaijan is a country of ancient history, a unique example of culture and art. The famous Azerbaijani carpet holds an important place in this rich heritage.

Azerbaijan was an ancient centre of carpet weaving in the IV-III millennium BC. 

MR Rufat Ismayil  has also chose dresses in his other collections for top superstar Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Lil Kim, Paula Abdul and many more.







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