After rocking the future, Joseph Auren retakes the future to change it with his own vision.

Minimalist, futuristic, this is a new step for Joseph Auren with more sophisticated creations such as denim, cotton, Pu Leather, Terylene and wool.

For his new collection, Joseph Auren presents pieces that are both minimalist and mi-ni-malist by playing on the words!
Indeed, more fitted, the cuts of the clothes follow and highlight the shapes of the models. It remains all the same based on the same colors, black & white.

This series of pieces represents and symbolizes the advancement of our society, based on the future and also implicitly the openness of men to be dressed more chic and refined. Time passes, societies change Joseph Auren retakes the future.

Model: Flavio Laveccia
IG: flaviolaveccia_

Hair Stylist: Iva Petkova
IG: ivkolince

Fashion Designer: @josephauren
IG: josephauren

Photographer: Peter Dobias
IG: peterdobiasphotography

Fashion Designer: Joseph Auren
IG: joseph_auren

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