A burning experience which can be seen in some romantic existences, like some poets or artists, should be used (in its good part) in all our lives, and our collaborations or works should lead to a better connection between people, mainly helping who is living bad periods and needs help.

The collaborations can be given if the collaboration work is connected to an emotional research.

  • attending events to help new talented designers, or new video artist or photographers, who love to work on good feelings or inner style
  • performing for something who can help people, like phototherapy, meaningful videoart, editorials
  • art directions, for the same reasons above mentioned

Examples of: Performer – Acting

    • The red ritual, Dijon, France, video, festival ITALIART 2016

Per il tuo bene, video art –

Examples of: Performer – Modeling

  • Cantarelli’s school: Final Work 2016
  • Pitti89: Modeling for Archilista


Printed Editions

THE STYLE RESEARCHER Magazine was established online in 2015 as a blog/webzine specialized in reportage from the backstage of the Milan Fashion Week.

Since the beginning, the magazine has been accredited by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana), the biggest authority for Fashion in Italy. 

Now the magazine covers three key sections, Fashion & Beauty, Travels & Lifestyle, Art & Photography. Everything in the Magazine is an homage to the beauty of photography, united with exclusive interviews or columns.

THE STYLE RESEARCHER Magazine is present now, with its acquired experience, in the Fashion Weeks in Los Angeles, NYC, Milan, Rome and more, to ensure to the readers a timeless and up-to-date elegance in each of its pages. 

Enjoy in our past articles the reportages from Armani, Prada, Off-White, Marni, ecc and our portraits of Gigi Hadid, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton and other celebs.

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Note: The Style Researcher Magazine has not applied for benefits, grants or public benefits from the government or the county. The place and year of publication are indicated, with MagCloud printer/publisher, and a preferred glossy paper. The Web Blog contains, like the magazine, continuous references to the fight that we are all obliged to wage, against all forms of discrimination, in the name of art and diversity. The Style Researcher Magazine has been also recognized by Fox 40 Tv USA as the mag “where celebs are catching on”.