This multi entrepreneur & Long Island, NY native has always been a renowned individual with impeccable style, class and a unique fashion eye. Her biggest inspirations are Karl Lagerfeld, Carolina Herrera for elegance & Jo Malone for branding in such strong survival backgrounds.

Starting as a stylist, and creative director, Latris has worked with several music artists, news anchors & models in Atlanta, ga through fashion workshops, music videos & magazine photo shoots. She pioneered “shoot out events” that gathered Atlanta’s most popular and in-demand photographers for content creation in one setting. She opened her first fashion boutique in 2014. Later created as a therapeutic project in the course of radiation treatments, Latris created an escape through the world of romance and lingerie, in 2019 building Posh lingerie boutique online you will find the most unique designs of high sustainable quality collections that embody romantic fantasy flair. The Posh brand stands for SOPHISTICATION, sassiness & above all, survival.


Latris Latrelle is the most recent lingerie designer in the last decade to debut at the Ritz Paris Hotel during Paris Fashion Week.

Latris Latrelle is the founder of Pretty Posh Group, PPG a leading fashion and lifestyle brand spearheaded in New York with offices in Paris and teams in London.

With a tech background spanning over 10 years working with brands such as Apple, Oliveira who is also an accomplished author has now turned her eyes to fashion. Investing in luxury women’s designs whilst creating a platform for hundreds of designers across Paris, New York and London through her platform PPG Fashion Week.

Latris’s desire has always been to bring together an unprecedented line-up of the industry’s leaders, creators, decision makers, up-and-coming fashion designers, consumers, retailers, and service providers in one hub to connect, collaborate, learn, and create partnerships within the fashion industry. This is an opportunity she wasn’t afforded when she wanted to enter the gated fashion community. Oliveira wanted to honour the myriad of achievements from aspiring designers whilst recognising the positive contributions established fashion houses have to our community.

Latris’ shows celebrate female leadership and honour inspirational women within the fashion industry. Latris’s aim is that PPG is to shine a light on the opportunities to foster strength through adversity, build new alliances, and uplift designers. PPG sees us recognise the work of trailblazing designers, whose incredible work globally makes the world a happier place for women.


How did your work evolve in time?
Each collection is inspired by a place in time of my life.

In this specific editorial, what do you love the most?
It’s hyper focus on sophistication. Strategy in looks that captivate the reader.

Are there some other artists that you would love to work with?
Absolutely ! There is an American Designer whom I absolutely adore his brand & leather goods. House of Donaldson.

A personal question, what is your favorite country/city?
Hands down. Versailles , France.

Love or fame?

What is your relationship with fashion and what is your favorite style?
Long running love affair with fashion. I connect it to places. Versailles is the most regal & romantic Royal place. I’m a hopeless romantic. That’s why I leaned toward lingerie. / intimate apparel design.

Tell us a secret that you’re ready to share with our readers .
I have a crush. lol.

Fashion Designer: POSH LINGERIE
IG: prettyposhlingerie
WB: https://theprettyposh.com
Creative Director: Latris Latrelle
IG: latrislatrelle
Model: Mariah Marie
IG: itsmariahmarie
Photographer: Ted Wimbush
IG: tedwimbush
WB: https://www.ted-wimbush.com/

Wardrobe Credits:


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