The Style Researcher Magazine presents the talented actor Peter Loung with his editorial “Paparazzi”.

“Lurking in the shadows and hiding in plain sight, there are a rogue band of photographers who revel in, and make a living by, taking candid, coercive pictures of celebrities, politicians, actors and models. These guerilla shooters skulk behind trees, or hide in cars, waiting for their targets with a sardonic and venomous glee, sheltered from persecution by a culture of acceptance. The assault on personal space through invasive and, oftentimes, damning photos gives these failed photographers a false sense of purpose and importance. Gone unpunished for far too long, this incursion upon civil liberty is both unconstitutional and voyeuristic in nature. It is high-time that these wannabe journalists and pop-culture rejects be brought to justice and answer for their crimes against humanity”.

Photographer: Tristan Alexander
IG: shotbyxander_

Actor: Peter Loung @The Characters Talent Agency
IG: peterloung

Wardrobe Credits:
Blazer: Persona Couture
T-Shirt: H&M
Jeans: True Religion
Jewelry: Persona Couture
Watch: Hublot
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Hat: Persona Couture

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