The cover story of our issue 18 is „Pastel Dreams“. The amazing editorial is created by the floral designer Iuliia Prokhorova and her team.

“Wearable floral pieces – crowns and dress – turned our photoshoot in the window of K-space contemporary art gallery into real performance! We stopped traffic on that day! Life in the US is now getting back to “normal” and we were happy to see such a high interest to our work”.

Iuliia Prokhorova at times feels like everyone else grew up and she did not. Designing her wearable floral outfits, she keeps “playing dolls”, what a dream job!  She meets an inspiring model, covers her with real blooms, and every collaboration with a photographer makes this perishable art timeless.

Her company “Wild Veggie Bouquet” based in Corpus Christi is one of the leaders of the floral industry in the South Texas area – Prokhorova made it to top 3  at the Texas Designer of the Year 2021 competition.

“It`s all started as a project for fun”, Prokhorova says.  “In 2016 I put together fruit, vegetable and flower arrangements – first for fun, and then for sale. Excited over tremendous customer support and demand, I decided to register my company and started my new journey as a floral designer.  Immediately, I noticed that people truly appreciated my creative ideas!  I now realized that a florist`s job was one of the happiest ways to make a living:  95% of my floral orders are for joy, love and happiness .”

Prokhorova says: “To be a Master in any field, you have to dedicate 10,000 hours of your time and efforts.  After doing so, I wanted to make sure that I did everything possible to provide my customers an extraordinary experience – for this reason I applied for a scholarship from the Texas State Florists Association Master Florist Training.  After completion, I was able to add my new title, Texas Master Florist, to my business card.”

“Salvador Dali once said – don`t be afraid to become perfection, as you will never reach it!”- Prokhorova laughs – “ I understand it, but I would like to get as close as I can to provide the top quality experience to every new flower friend I make. I learn something new every day and looking forward to what this floral adventure leads me to next”.

Female Model (photos 1 and 5): Frances Lee
IG: francesmlee

Model (photos 2,3,4 and 6): Joslyn Doiron
IG: joslyndoiron

Photographer: Cora Johnson
IG: corajohnsonphotography

Makeup Artist: Blow Dry Therapy
IG: blowdrytherapy

Wardrobe Stylist: Alexa Gignac
IG: alexagignac

floral designer: Iuliia Prokhorova
IG: wildveggiebouquet

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