Designer Monica Leigh is a true visionary with the designs to prove it
By Claudia Gonzalez

No one understands the multifaceted and revolutionary fashion sense that Generation X holds more than visionary Los Angeles based designer Monica Leigh. Monica Leigh never fails to dazzle the fashion industry with her avant-garde and timeless pieces that prioritize the value of true sustainable fashion. As an artist that isn’t afraid to be bold and take risks, Monica has become a voice for Gen X fashionistas.

Monica Leigh has set roots in Los Angeles and is recognized in the fashion world for her vivid imagination, talent, and commitment to perfection. At 20, she pursued her artistic vision and joined a group of artists that would come together to create art, leading to her discovery for her love of detail, beauty, and the Avant Garde. “I have always enjoyed expression through imagery. In my very early 20’s I realized I loved to express feeling and design through fanciful attire”. Years later, Monica has based her inspiration for her designs around this early discovery.

Her collection, produced in Los Angeles as well, is designed and constructed from the inner workings of her expressive imagination to enhance the themes that are seen throughout her work: Personal Renaissance, and Love and Prosperity in the Modern World. Monica’s designs have a reputation of their own as they are recognized to invoke the senses with creativity, verve, and the Avant Garde. Just as Generation X broke away from the traditions in everything from organized religion to politics and advertising that previous generations held onto, Monica has reflected this mindset in her work. Inspired by her own spirit, the Monica Leigh Collection started with the desire to break old traditions – enabling us to create and elevate the new. “We are happy people attracted to dark things”, as Monica says capturing Gen X. Her designs are personified as visions of style unfold in luminous detail while rich personality emerges into each piece. As a reflection of her signature image, she is regarded highly for her honesty, integrity, and business acumen.

Monica has time and time again proven herself as a well trusted and respected visionary of the fashion industry by garnering up a list of celebrities and executives that have been donned by her, as well as having her collection featured on the cover of Elle Magazine. This year, Monica is coming in with a goal to elevate her brand with a fresh perspective on newness.  Modern uniqueness is in the new Monica Leigh collection that is inspired by anything naturally metallic such as images of any metal ore, or images of stellar formations for color and texture. Natural beauty and sublime light with a penchant for metallic tones is at the core of her new collection. More than ever, she is ready to showcase her creative brilliance once again with her new collection that ties together everything that represents her brand.

As a fashion designer constantly inspired by the diversity of people she meets in her life, Monica Leigh understands her target audience and has become an agent for them. “Fashion means wearing something that makes you feel like you, the unique you, no matter what any trends are, and being confident in wherever you are and whatever you are doing,” says Monica.

With the vision that Monica has for the future of her collection, it is only a matter of time before she elevates herself to an even higher level. The team at Monica Leigh SVX is working on exciting campaigns of placement in creative spaces from boutiques to micro shopping events. Monica Leigh’s new collection is intoxicating and will leave you wanting more. The idea of embracing newness and celebrating the free spirit all while staying true to her ethically driven ways, there is no doubt Monica Leigh is the future of fashion.

Creative Credits:

Monica Leigh Image (last photo):

Photographer: Dylan Perlot (@dylanperlot)

Monica Leigh Designs:

Photographer: Dylan Perlot (@dylanperlot)

Stylist: Alan Montes (@amontes4659)

MUA: Loso Martinez (@loso_martinez)

Model: Soukena Jean-Jacques (@soukenajeanjacquess)

Jewelry: Manya Nofal (@manyanjewelry) Lili.G


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