A natural center of attention, brand creator Massibilliano uses his company, Mypuzzy, to stand out in the world of fashion.

By Roxy De Guzman

Superstar designer and brand creator Massibilliano has always lived for the applause. As a child, he often dreamed of being someone who could stand out– with his brand Mypuzzy, he has finally achieved this dream.

Amidst the already-prevalent glitz and glamor of the fashion industry, Massibilliano has had to figure out a way to shine brighter than his competition. He knew that the way to do this was to create something unique, something that people could identify and recognize as his own, something that gave the “WOW effect.” With this brand, he has managed to not only create a name for himself in the fashion world, but also to make sure that the women who wear his designs can get a slice of the glory. Massibilliano hopes that the people who wear his brand will share his excitement for the spotlight and feel confident, sexy, and empowered.

“The woman who wears our clothing brand should be the center of attention,” writes Massibilliano. “Wherever she goes, eyes will follow her– on the street, at the restaurant, or in the club, she will be the star of the place.”

With his passion for standing out, Massibilliano has made sure that each of his pieces have their own elements of uniqueness. The brand follows a business model wherein production only starts after a customer has ordered and paid for a piece. The client can then participate in a 3D Body Scan Application that guarantees the perfect fit for her. This ensures a high level of quality that avoids mass production. With this business model, the brand maintains environmental friendliness through its active effort to avoid overproduction. In addition, the company only buys high-quality Eco Materials for the main parts and accessories of each piece.

To Massibilliano, luxury starts with the materials. He creates pure luxury with the help of the best and most exclusive Italian suppliers and German accessories. While these materials can surely speak for themselves, the brand’s overall look is often what draws people in to listen. Massibilliano must make sure that the brand image and each product can grab the attention of
any onlookers.

Even when he isn’t designing, he still makes sure to find other ways to build his brand. Currently, Massibilliano is hoping to expand the brand with different ideas, including Mypuzzy Mansion and Mypuzzy Parties. In addition, he spends a lot of time cutting patterns, testing, watching the market, coming up with ideas for new products, planning photoshoots, choosing models, and coming up with marketing ideas. A brainstormer at heart, Massibilliano enjoys finding ways to turn his ideas into tangible products. One of these new projects is an upcoming Skirts Collection that will come out in three different colors: blue, white, and black. As a successful entrepreneur, Massibilliano has plenty of advice to offer any up-and-coming brand owners. He recommends confidence and faith in oneself in order to create a brand that others will have confidence in as well. He has created a brand that has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, especially with its name. However, because he was able to trust his creative visionand brand direction, he stuck with the name and maintained his confidence in his products.

A natural center of attention, Massibilliano knows what it really takes to shine in the spotlight.

Massibilliano: @mypuzzy

Photography: @dey_light

Retouch: @markowski_art_foto

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