The Style Researcher Magazine is proud to meet and present to its readers Maria Russo, a model from Vancouver, Canada. We had a conversation with her and we would love to develop these pages combining her own words with the beautiful shots taken by Suyash Chopra.

“Hello guys! I am Maria, born in Vancouver, Canada to Italian parents from Napoli Italy.

I started my modeling career in my 50s, I will be 61 this year, when my children were grown up and started their own families I began my career. As a young girl, my dream was to be in a magazine. I would buy Vogue every time I saved up money and flip through the pages and dream.

I was chubby and struggled with my weight, being Italian food is life lol.

For the past 12 years my partner encouraged me to work out and go to the gym with him, he is fighting cancer but is my biggest supporter!
It’s hard to eat healthy as I am a chef and was one of the top 25 finalists in Masterchef Canada in Vancouver, but I try my hardest to live a healthy lifestyle!

Being Italian my children and grandchildren are very important to me its all about famiglia, cooking, interior design, being in front of the camera, and taking care of my partner, making his life as comfortable as possible during his health issues takes up most of my time!

I want to inspire and empower other women my age, believe me, if I can do it anyone can!

A little about my style, I love classy clothes curve-hugging. I’m more of a Sophia Loren 50’s era

But I also can do a biker look with lots leather and high boots lol

I admire so many designers, but my ultimate favorite is Chanel! Everything from. Handbags to skirts jackets accessories, my closet would tell you the sane a have a fairly big collection of Chanel.

I want to share a very important message to all the young upcoming models about a positive body image:
“ love the body you were given no matter what the scale says, inspirational beauty is what is inside your heart”

Reach for the stats follow your dream you are your own idol!

I want to inspire you with my story”!

Female Model: Maria Russo
IG: modelling_to_cooking

Photographer: Suyash Chopra
IG: suyashchopra1

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