The cover of the month is dedicated to a style icon, Tim Brown, who we have the joy of seeing in continuous growth, both as a person of great charisma and as a man from which to draw strength and inspiration.

The editorial that represents the cover story is a bit of a metaphor for art and photography: love at first sight. „Love at first sight“ distinguishes and has marked many moments of our lives. It may have been an important teacher in schools, a love that overwhelmed us from the beginning, a friendship that at first glance built the foundations for a solid love. Love at first sight is what we also had when we saw the work of Tim and of Paris Steward: the perfection of photography, the lines of shades and jackets, a modern style that meets the needs of the moment.

Do you remember Damiano, the singer of Måneskin? The band that was number 1 in the world on Spotify for 28 consecutive days? Even Damiano‘s style, in his career, has recently been marked in some performances by a charismatic and elegant style just like that of Tim Brown.

Photographer: PARIS STEWARD @Talltowerphotography
IG: talltowerphotography

Model: TIM BROWN @Timbrownatl
IG: timbrownatl

MISSION @Missionclothing

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