Meet one of the most talented artists: Lizan Dizaye, awarded singer, songwriter, and model.

Lizan loved to sing and write songs since she was two years old. After winning an award in 2003 during the high school Pop Idol Contest in the Netherlands, Lizan also got crowned miss high school. She also won a medal in badminton and skating competitions. After a few years, Lizan joined the Dutch X-Factor and she was spotted by the Dutch Getty Image, and also other Dutch magazines. Lizan got featured on Vogue Challenge and Fashionmagazinenyc as the cover girl and on many other magazines like Cover Magazine, Salford Magazine, Icon Magazine, and Claire Magazine.

After a short while, it was stated in the press that the Dutch artist Lizan collaborated with the American artist Famefaiella & the German producer Johnlamp on their new song “Vibes”. Lizan posted on her Instagram on February 8th, and stated in thisis50 and Medium Magazine that she and Famefaiella & Johnlamp have got a masterpiece on the way and according to Press News the upcoming collaboration was going to be something special.

Soon fans got excited so on February 10th, Lizan, John & Jame posted their first short video snippet of their song “Vibes” on IG and on 19th of February they posted another short video saying that “Vibes” will be out on Spotify on 04-3-2022 and in all other stores & platforms. The short video went viral on Instagram, fans started to ask for more and ask for the release date of the full song. So on Friday (04-3-2022) Lizan, Famefaiella & John released “Vibes” , the full song on Spotify, Deezer and many other platforms and it soon reached thousands of streams. After a short while, Lizan got featured on the most famous billboard in Times Square NYC. Vibes full video version release is out now and reached over 200k on IG.

On Spotify it reached over 200k streams. “Lizan Dizaye” who is a famous singer, songwriter, model, climate activist, wfpusa ambassador & beauty pageant award winner reached over 300k followers and fans on IG. Lizan also collaborated & worked with iconic artists like Famefaiella and many other esteemed artists. Lizan stated in magazines to her fans “Never give up on your dreams, you live once so work hard and your dreams will come true”.

She released “No Time for Love”, pop-rap song “Golden Gun” and “Ever After” plus “Ever After Remix ft Johnlamp Fckngnoise”, followed by “No Time for Love” a dance electronic SONG ft “tom bensheim” and many others. After Lizan released “Vibes” ft. Famefaiella & Johnlamp, the song went viral. “Vibes” is available on YouTube, Instagram and all other platforms and her new songs are coming soon. Lizan always grows organically on social media that’s why she is highly respected and has become a popular celebrity ever since. Other celebrities also support her, especially on IG she is popular for being a multi-talented artist.

In addition to singing, she is a photographer, storyteller, a passionate environmentalist and climate activist, wfpusa and sandcloud ambassador, quote writer and a model influencer. Lizan’s new song “Moonlight” ft. Traeballin is on the way and more songs will be out soon. Stay tuned.

The Interview

Hello Lizan and welcome to The Style Resarcher Magazine. Let’s begin by talking about your modeling career. Can you tell us what is your greatest weakness as a model? And what are you doing to fix it?

Hello Guys! Thanks for having me in your magazine. To me it’s not always easy being a model. I only get a bit worried when I gain some weight. But when it happens I improve my daily food list, and workout more, and things improve for the better.

Why did you choose to be a Model, Motivator Speaker and a Health Coach?

I choose to be a model not only because I accept myself the way I am and who I am as a model from inside and outside, but also to motivate other girls to accept their natural beauty and love and accept themselves for who they are from in and out.

Tell us about your first experience when you were modeling as a professional.

It was a great experience. I learned new things like more about what modeling is, and I learned that it’s not only about looking good on the outside but also having new experiences about fashion that gave me more self-confidence and made me feel good about myself and my looks. It’s good to be the best version of yourself.

Tell something about your healthy diet.

I do my pushups, workout everyday especially jogging, and I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and healthy foods. I eat dark chocolate and light food, light milk, dark brown bread once in a week. I sometimes eat a small burger, but not very often. I don’t sleep too late so my skin stays young, and I try not to get stressed.

Who are your biggest influences?

I’m a very natural person so I love Marilyn Monroe cause she also had a very natural iconic beauty. I also like Kate Moss cause she is a great model. Angelina Jolie also has a natural beauty and is a great actress. I would add Keanu Revees who is an amazing actor, and Celine Dion, my favorite singer who has a very unique voice.

How do you balance your time as a health coach and model?

I plan a schedule for the next day, so I am prepared to deal with and balance the time for modeling and coaching, my healthline exercise and many other things. I make time for fun too.

What are your best projects to date?

New photoshoots are always on the way, and new songs. Until now they all turned out successful, especially my new song “Vibes”.

Your biggest crush when you were a teen?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Backstreet Boys.

What’s your favorite style?

The elegant classy style of clothes and chic dresses.

Who’s your favorite designer?

Donatella Versace and Karl Lagerfeld.

Thank you Lizan for this interview and we wish you the best in your life and career!

Thank you! It was a pleasure!

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