Le note della moda

“Le note di un piano risuonano in noi. Risuonano come carezze, toccano quello che nessun umano può toccare.

Quella parte nascosta, che dimentichiamo di avere, che la nota giusta va a risvegliare.

Ogni emozione, ogni gioia, ogni ansia, senza età, senza luogo, senza spazio, ogni emozione, ogni piccola emozione, ha una forza così grande, che il solo pensarlo mi commuove e mi spaventa.

È giusto toccare una emozione? E se fosse rischioso? 

C’è chi si rifugia nel lavoro e nella sua etichetta, chi percorre lunghi sentieri spirituali, ma oltre a questi c’è di più. C’è quel mondo che possiamo solo sfiorare, quello splendido silenzioso mondo che una nota di pianoforte d’improvviso apre. 

Quella presenza, quell’anima. Vive con noi, vive per noi, urla silenziosa. Urla, urla in un attimo, in una nota. Poi scompare, fino alla prossima nota, l’altra nota giusta.

Anche il tocco o la vista di un vestito, a chi risuona dentro, può dare emozione.

Se la moda, si la moda, se solo quella grande industria, che ora chiamiamo moda, si fermasse a capire che quello che deve darci non è spettacolo, non è tessuto, non è denaro, ma è quella connessione, quella benedetta e maledetta connessione, allora si, io la ringrazierei”. (Ray Morrison)

This work respresented 8 emotions that Fashion can give to everyone, no matter age, gender, race.

Ray Morrison The Style Researcher Magazine


Ray Morrison The Style Researcher Magazine


Ray Morrison The Style Researcher Magazine


Ray Morrison The Style Researcher Magazine


Ray Morrison The Style Researcher Magazine


Ray Morrison The Style Researcher Magazine


Ray Morrison The Style Researcher Magazine



Here below the interviews out in FabUK Magazine, London, Issue 8

The art director Ray : “As some notes of a piano can sound in our hearts, so fashion can do the same. No matter age, gender, life. Those sounds are everywhere inside us.

I decided to represent 8 emotions. When i wrote this concept, i was listening to the song ” The Meadow” and that night i choosed i wanted to put in images my views of Love, Ecstasy, Dream, Home, and other emotions you will see on the shoots. The project manager and stylist, Linda, loved my writing and gave me a great team and big names of fashion, like Dries Van Noten, to wear the models. I asked to have 4 guys, 4 girls, 1 mature man, 1 mature woman, 2 children and a kid, to create the 8 images and the feelings choosed. We shoot everything in one day, in a dreamlike location in the middle of Italy. The photographer and the team were pretty good and have been nice listening all the requests i was telling them. I gave a multidisciplinary perspective to this work, mixing performances with visions that can remember Seurat, or a taste of contemporay dance. Another important key of reading is the music, you will see pianos and arphs. There are symbols everywhere. But i don’t wanna explain everything, every person will have its own perception, looking at the shoots.

I’ll give just a title for every pic, no more explanations”. 

Linda, the stylist: “When Ray told me his visions, i loved them and i decided big names to wear the models. Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Gucci, Gianni Sapone Couture, Lardini, Ralph Lauren, for example. And for kids: Stussy, Jeremy Scott, Adidas, and more. I decided to make Dries Van Noten meet Gianni Sapone, in some images, mixing more styles to create the right balance and express the feeling we wanted to show. Even all the accessories, like necklaces, cufflinks, shoes, glasses, everything choosed at high level of brands. You will see some lovely details, like the very special cufflinks i decided to use in the shoot which Ray called “Heritage”. I loved this work. I also decided to call a video artist, to film everything, but for now we can’t show the video, which will reach some videoart festivals”. 

The details of the photography are explained from the photographer, Lorenzo: ” The most important thing to me was to capture what Ray and Linda were asking, Ray for lines and emotions and Linda for colors and clothes. I decided to use warm colors then. With a bit of retrò taste. This allowed me to remember the place where i born and raised, which is the same place where we shoot everything, Umbria, in the middle of Italy. I also had to change angles, to capture the right emotions. I wanna tell you a nice and crazy detail: for the shoot “Ecstasy” and the shoot “Love” Ray asked me to take the photos from the top of a staircase, and i was in an insecure equilibrium on the top of it. My camera and its pounds left their mark: 5 days of back pain for the position i had to keep while shooting. But now i can say i love a lot what came from that effort”. 

Photographer: Lorenzo Montagnoli

Project Manager and Styling: Linda Boranga

Concept and Creative Direction: Raimondo Rossi (Ray Morrison)

Hair: Antonio e Francesco Abagnale

Make up: Graziano Giommaroni

Location: Villa di Montefreddo, Italy


Andrea Catena

Andrea Borio

Rebecca Malizia

Costanza Bellucci

Gabriele Barbagallo

Luca Volpi 

Lorena Cesaretti

Emma Costantini

Angelo Marziano

Manuele Costantini

Elisa Meggiolaro

Susel Leyva

Raffaele Tommaso Rossi

Special Thanks to:

Gianni Sapone

Rachele Spingola

Agnese Sanchez

Erina Amari

Marianna Raichini

Marta Picottini

Fausto Eusebi

Federica Cupella

Micol Antonielli

Diego Sciurpa

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