The cover story of our printed issue of this month is “La fleur de Neige”, a stunning editorial shot by the talented photographer Jennifer Ngo and artist Ben Tran, who we had the pleasure to interview to talk about make-up, art and tips for filling our lives with beauty and charm.

Hello Ben, what do you love the most about makeup ?

I always try to enhance the most natural beauty of every model or client that I have a chance to work with. None of us is perfect and I always try my best to make those figures become more beautiful in others’ eyes.

What do you love the most about photography?

Photography is something that can’t be missing in our life. Photography can seize every moment that can create joy or even sadness. And for me photography is not simple like that, it’s like a form of art that can be kept and that can stand the test of time.

Do you think makeup is a form of art?And what do you love the most while working as a makeup artist and hair stylist ?

Makeup always and forever is a form of art that can express the beauty inside and outside of a woman and also a man. We live in the 21th century so for me makeup is for everyone ( woman, man, gay, trans, les, LGBTQ+, etc). I always think I’m an artist, and feel like I create an artwork whenever I work on a new project to create the new style/trend for each year. I always feel happy and enjoy every moment as an artist in the beauty industry.

What are the three beauty items that no girl can live without ?

Foundation / eye brows pencil / lipstick
Foundations play an extremely important role that will make your skin look more even and correct the unwanted spots. Eye brows pencil is an essential weapon that helps your eyebrows look nice, and frame your face. Lipstick makes your smile look pretty and friendly.

Can you give us some advice for female readers to improve their makeup routine?

I think it only looks good when you choose the soft and flawless makeup style that can bring out the beauty of all-natural figures on your face. Skincare is also an important factor in the makeup routine improvement because if you have healthy skin it will be much easier for makeup application and also it shows that you know how to take care of yourself. One quick tip for you girls use mineral water spray as it’s highly recommended for all skin types, it will keep your makeup stay fresh and make your skin breathe easily. One super important thing you need to remember is to choose the right makeup style for the right occasion.

Do you have any quick tips for make-up for special occasions?

For event or special occasions makeup, you should focus more on the eyes and try to find a color that matches your outfit. Tips, if you are doing smokey eyeshadow, then tone down your lips color and blush, it should be something matte and natural color or nude tones. Or if you prefer something like bold (red) lips color, then you should choose softer eyeshadow with thick eyeliner.

Nowadays, men also do makeup a lot. As a professional makeup artist do you have any quick tips for them?

For men, some simple prep makeup will make them look entirely different. Prep the under eyes or hide some dark spots by using concealer. If you have an oily skin, apply a light touch of minerals face powder to make sure your face will stay oil free all the time. And don’t forget to take care of your hair by going to salon and shave or style your beard often. Wear a cologne too, make sure you smell good all the time. Women love the man that is clean and knows how to make himself stand out among the crowd ! 🙂

What is the most enjoyable thing about working with many clients around the world ?

I am always happy to help and guide my clients by giving them some tips and simple basic makeup that protect the skin before and after makeup. Also, I am so satisfied when I finish the makeup for my clients, I can watch and enjoy my finished beauty product.

Can you describe the concepts and ideas of this project for us a little bit? We would love to hear more about it.

“The sexy woman” is a theme that has always been expressed in art from time to time, beauty is a part of nature and those are the main elements that we want to focus on in this project. This project represents part of the personality, creativity, and mindset of everyone in our team. Romantic, sentimental were the themes we tried to create and we also are aiming for something crazier than that. We feel that we are still in the comfort zone that we have created. And art needs madness and audiences like to be crazy like that. We will keep our promise and be back with something crazier and more interesting next time.

Model: Kristina Tran

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Ben Tran
IG: baobao142

Photographer: Jennifer Ngo
IG: jenniferngo_photography

Retoucher/Creative Director: Tram Anh
IG: jennifer__ngo_

Nail Artist: Lena Trinh

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