“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”.

“I am a big fan of Shakespeare and this quote inspired me to do this photo shoot. Everyday we get is a new day to do something truly awesome and to not leave it to fate but ourselves to create those exhilarating moments”.

Kristian Comer is an actress, director, writer, model and producer from Rockland New York. She graduated from Rockland Community college with two associate degrees and a bachelors degree in Science from SUNY Empire State College. She is currently an graduate candidate at the University of Birmingham and The Shakespeare Institute.

Kristian is new to modeling and gets a lot of her inspiration from William Shakespeare’s works and tries to include them in her art. She hopes you like her art as much as she does when creating them and thanks both The Style Researcher Magazine and the readers for all their support. 

Producer: James Comer

Female Model/Photographer/Creative Director: Kristian Comer
IG: kc_krispie

Wardrobe Credits (1-3-5):

Tank: New York & Company

Wardrobe Credits (2-4):

Shoes: Wanted
Jeans: Eunina
Tee: ModCloth

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