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It Girl Katelyn Runck on fitness and wellness journey and starting a podcast

By Claudia Gonzalez

Everyone can talk the talk, but no one walks the walk more than It Girl Katelyn Runck. With her striking looks and creative entrepreneurial mind, she can do anything she puts her creative mind to. Katelyn’s portfolio has a wide range from being a signed model, to owning and managing her own skincare clinic, to being a licensed yoga instructor, to being a WBFF pro athlete, and more. Now, Katelyn Runck is staying booked with her fitness courses she offers through her website and an upcoming podcast that will be launching soon. This It Girl has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

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Growing up on a farm near Fargo, North Dakota as the youngest of four children, her start can be traced back to when she signed on as a model with Factor/Elite Model Management all while completing her high school degree online. While the modeling world is filled with glamor, there’s also a side of it that can be damaging for women if led down that road. Katelyn recalls this as an unhealthy time for her body and mind as she found herself developing an eating disorder and addiction. After being admitted to the hospital numerous times, Katelyn decided that she wanted to turn her life around and start living her life. It was during this time that she used the opportunity to reflect on her life and what she wanted to do next.

Since then, Katelyn Runck has had her hands full with multiple projects that have brought her great success. Katelyn was drawn in to work in beauty and skincare and she received her CNA and Medical Aesthetic license in North Dakota. This quickly became an opportunity for her to travel around the country to attend conferences and workshops that promoted beauty through health products and technology. Gaining some traction here, Katelyn opened her own wellness boutique and medical aesthetic clinic, Lifestyle Savvy, in North Dakota that served as a one-stop facility for all of your wellness and beauty needs. For about 6 years, she devoted her practice to personalizing her clients’ beauty needs and provided lasting results for them.

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As Katelyn continued to nurture her outer beauty, she realized she also needed to care for her inner self. Coming to this conclusion, Katelyn received her education through ACE specializing in personal training and nutrition. She then became a licensed yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance. As a result, for the first time in a while, she found some inner peace in feeling both healthy and strong. Katelyn later went onto competing in bodybuilding and even changing federations to the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion show and in November 2017. After receiving her WBFF Fitness Pro card, which has allowed an abundance of doors to open up for her, Katelyn is now recognized as a sponsored athlete and eligible to compete at the professional level.

With multiple projects up her sleeve, Katelyn is centering her focus on empowering others to feel the same level of confidence and strength she worked hard to achieve by offering courses through her website (www.katelynrunckfitness.com) in which she strives to coach you through your fitness and wellness journey. Katelyn is also looking to launch a podcast in the near future where she will use her platform and years of experience to speak on what it means to be an influencer and what that experience has been like for her. “There’s a lot of people doing podcasts like this at the moment, but I feel like what will make me stand out is my education in mental health and my own lived experiences,” she says. “We all go through stuff, and we plan on going in depth with everything: the good and the bad.”

Through hard work and perseverance, Katelyn has proved that there is no mountain high enough she can’t reach with diligence and grace. It’s not difficult to view Katelyn as a role model and she has continuously exhibited an insurmountable amount of strength and perseverance. She hopes to serve as a role model for anyone that’s going through things she has gone through and can see that if she was able to come out the other side stronger, so can they. The future is bright for boss base Katelyn Runck, there’s no stopping this shining star.

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