The Israeli musician Kama Kamila graces the cover of our February issue. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan and immigrated to Israel at a young age, Kamila blends in her music the rich musical heritage of these two countries in a very original and innovative way.

She recently fascinated the jury and the viewers with her appeareance in the Israeli X-Factor with her unique voice and style. A classically trained musician, Kamila uses her voice skilfully, putting her signature to every song she performs. Kamila released her latest single “Katurne Masala” on January 3rd, re-interpreting and giving new life to the 1991 Ethnix and Zehava Ben hit.

Whether it is an Azerbaijani ancient prayer or a modern pop hit, she has this rare gift of making every song she sings her own.

Kamila is a fan of Italian fashion and her great taste in fashion is visible in the selection of photos we present to our readers in this issue. Kamila responded to our questions and we talked about everything from music to gastronomy. Before we start, here is a short list of some of our favorite Kama Kamila songs.

Suggested Recordings:
Sari Gelin
Katurne Masala
Bas Kizim

Hello Kamila! Welcome to The Style Researcher Magazine! Let me begin by saying that we are very happy to have this interview with you.

Hello Alptekin. Likewise. I am very happy to be featured in The Style Researcher Magazine.

Can you begin by telling us what inspired you to become a musician?

My inspiration for being a musician is my mother. She is an amazing classical pianist and I was listening to her students practicing piano 24/7 since I was in her belly. I remember my father was always telling that I was born accidentally in her daily break between her 2 students.

Can you describe your favorite part about being a musician?

My favorite part of being a musician is that 1 second in the middle of a live show when my feet are disconnecting from the stage and it feels like I am growing wings. When I sing and play to my audience – The feeling is like I am flying upon the ground and the fear just goes away. The fear of reality . Little human fear of being who we are in this crazy world – it just goes away, no fear no regrets – just pure energy near the piano. That’s my favorite part of being a musician.

Who are your favorite musicians if there are any?

My favorite musicians are from the classic world – Bach and Prokofiev.

Are there any musicians who inspired you when you were a child?

When I was a child my inspiration was Michael Jackson and Madonna. I learned from the best.

We really like your style! What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion !!!! Yes, I am addicted to Fashion as an art of Gods. For me, Italy is number one in fashion (fashion and food!!!). I am the biggest fan of the Italian style and my dream is to live in Florence. I do not see fashion as temporary trends, what excites me the most is the fabrics, how it is made, the perfect cut of a perfect jacket, the expression of the designer’s personality through the shape of the dress itself. Fashion design includes painting and sculpting and all the visual art I love!

Who is your favorite designer?

My favorite designer is Alexander McQueen. His gentle, pure soul combined with the darkness is totally what I feel when I create.

Can you tell us a bit about your childhood?

My childhood was in the magic land of Azerbaijan by the Caspian Sea. Late sunsets and crazy winds, warm bread and my mother’s hands gently laying on the piano. I miss being a child.

How has Azerbaijan inspired you as a musician?

Azeri music is ancient, it is deeply rooted in the holy land of oil. Black gold they call it. The land is rich with oil and so is the music – it’s very rich and colorful. I love to mix modern music with old azeri national prayers when I perform. The old and the modern meets exactly in the middle making us one.

A memory that you are keeping in your heart forever.

Memory – my father’s crying eyes when we left for Israel. He is Azeri and Israel is a land for Jewish people. He could not
immigrate with us. He chose to stay where his origin is but he never forgave himself for losing us (my sister and my mom). We left Azerbaijan to escape the war there in 1991.

What is your favorite food? And the one you hate?

My favorite food is Italian pasta with truffle mushrooms. The one I hate is the sheep balls – it’s a delicacy in Azerbaijan and I really have a trauma seeing balls in our fridge when I was a child.

Do you have dreams for your future?

A dream in my future is to travel to the forests of South Korea. There is a Buddhist silent monastery that has a main sister as a chef, she is working with soil and making her own produce. I would like to live a few years there in total silence, learning Buddhism and working with soil growing trees.

Thank you very much Kamila! Thanks for gracing our cover! It has been a pleasure getting to know you better. We love your music and your style and we wish you the best in life and in your career!

Thank you Alptekin! It has been a pleasure!

Kama Kamila’s Intagram: kamakamilamusic

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