“D U N G A R E E”

Justin Haynes, International Designer/Tailor of JUS10H officially launched his new collection DUNGAREE “The Denim Layer” in China (March 28, 2021). This is also the RELAUNCH of JUS10Hkids. Justin is known for the fusion of bright colors, distinct patterns, and elegant patchwork.

Jus10H has blossomed into the new must-see fashion sensation.  His signature designs have been noticed on runways across the US and beyond.  Since the inception of JUS10H, Justin has worked diligently to perfect his craft, while remaining humble and dedicated to his hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts.  

Fashion Designer: JUSTIN HAYNES
WB: theofficialjus10h

Male Model: Chris Wilfred
Photographer: Scott Parker Photo
WB: @scottparkerphoto
Creative Director: Andrew Maxwell
WB: mrandrewjmaxwell

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