The black American mixed media Artist from Texas

Jeremy Julian Grandberry is an artist living in Los Angeles. He’s a dancer, performer and musician. A very eclectic guy that we have the pleasure to introduce to the European audience.

Hello Julian, so nice to have you here.
We got impressed from your style and personality and we would love to have a talk to get to know you better!!

“Hello Ray, I love being here with you and thanks for your nice words!
I’m hoping that this talk will say more about me! But I am sure it will! My story with fashion/style because starts from this: no matter what I wear (even on my off days) I can receive the best compliments and attention always when I feel the best inside first.”

Yes this make sense! Tell us more and more, I don’t wanna ask you many questions, I’d love that you communicate us everything you feel is important to say.

“ Okay Ray. First of all, I like to play with my style and challenge myself to go out of my comfort zone.
I like that I can carry my culture as a young queer Artistic black American anywhere I go and be aware that I may be challenging perceptions around me. In particular, my hair is one of my biggest fashion accessories in this sense. I know that my afro says a very different thing than my braids or twists; again this all changes based on the combination of what I wear and where I go.

Another thing that I’d love to say, it’s that I never got to grow my hair growing up and when I did I was too excited to change the textures and styles to appease my environment and become more palatable. I now feel the strongest with my naturally textured hair and undefined style. I dont imagine I will ever define my style for longer than a photograph.

I wore this dress in various styles and places to represent me being rooted in my inner self no matter where I go or look like. I’ve had a deep sense of value of who I am well before I moved to Los Angeles. Though Los Angeles is one of the most influential places in the world, I believe I share the most value when I remain uninfluenced by whats popular. This way I can remain in the truth of what my Art is meant to be. This is a spiritual thing i cant fully explain but I feel I diminish my power trying to appease and being like everyone/everything/everywhere else”.

Thanks Julian, I loved to listen to you and go more deeply in your art and vision of life.

“Thanks Ray, thanks to you. It has been so nice being here with you”.

Here below we have a poem that Julian composed and we would love to share with the readers:

“ My style is only an accessory to who I truly am
a barrier to what flows beneath the surface that you see
only to be an outer dressing not capable of defining me
all labels border me like land to the sea
a stable housing the stallion I train to free
while identity resides deep within sitting patiently
breathing deeper and deeper like a monk at peace
I rest myself and perform my shell
retreated at the bottom of an ocean where no show can tell
curious explorers diligently excavate the grounds above my ancient civilizations
relying on clues that mend the dimmest light
not bright enough to create true inspiration
of what provokes truthful insight
the provocative ego urge to scream and shout
while wanting to be prematurely uncovered
with a gluttonous fight.
Truthfully, my ego has enjoyed the falsehood of those who conveniently peel back a single layer what a comfort to admire this shallowed beauty

I exercise a new form in earthly duty
Do you see me yet, who am I?
I change and ask the same questions
I change and remain deeply neglected Rearranging the shell I show ignorantly in pride ego want to be respected
I could have died a few times yet I feel myself alive through my style as an accessory
Im tested in my worst performance
to show my most valued style
my personality is my fashion
that I wear most proud”.

Photo credit: Jordan Jeremiah