This month we have a fabulous Cover story: „Pure Look“, the editorial created by the multi-talented Polish photographer Joanna Senkowska. We are happy to present the art and story of Joanna with our readers.

“I was born in Poland in 1980. I have been interested in drawing and painting since I was a child. In 1995, I successfully passed the exams and entered the Secondary School of Fine Arts. Designing patterns on fabric, artistic screen printing was the field of my diploma. After graduating from high school, I started studying at the Faculty of Art in the painting studio of prof. Jerzy Wroński at the University of Silesia. For many years, painting has been my greatest passion”.

“I was interested in photography when my daughter was born and I wanted to capture her childhood moments. During frequent travels, I also wanted to remember beautiful places and the emotions associated with them. Painting is a very time-consuming and lengthy process, so I turned to photography, which also gave me the same creative satisfaction, but thanks to photography I was able to get it in less time”.

“Flower arrangements have also been a great passion for over 10 years. Flowers often appeared in my paintings and photos. This fascination with plants continues today”.

“Portraits completely absorbed me when a friend asked me to photograph her daughter, who suffered a lot from low self-esteem and complexes. I figured if it helps her regain her confidence I might try. I agreed to take pictures of her. To this day, she repeatedly tells me that it changed her perception of herself and thanks to that she gained self-confidence. And I too, began to discover photography as something that has a huge impact and can contribute to a positive change in someone’s life. It is also a great passion for me, which gives me the opportunity to pursue creatively”.

Photographer: Joanna Senkowska
IG: joan.senkowska

Makeup Artist: Svetlana Vasilyeva

Model: Milena
IG: mili08_official

Model: Soffia Mironova
IG: soffia_18_21

Model: Kamila Wojtczak
IG: wojtczak_kamila

Model: Madzia Ragan
IG: m.ragan_official

Model: Sandra Badura
IG: sandzia_badura

Model: Janek Soluch
IG: koalatoja_yt

Makeup Artist: Inga Marniok

THE STYLE RESEARCHER August 2021 Vol. 22
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