Zişan Seçkin and her team photographed (SAFIYA ZAITOVA photography) the fascinating Turkish actor Gökberk Demirci for The Style Researcher Magazine. We are very happy to present to our readers an exclusive interview with the star, by DİLAY SEÇKİN whom we thank.

As we approach the end of the year, how has 2022 been for you so far ?

I think it’s been a year full of good and bad. We can say it’s a year full of gratitude and happiness, which makes me look at the future with more hope. Because I always remember the good sides 🙂

Have there been any major changes in your life with the pandemic process we’ve been through ?

Actually yes. It was a really difficult process. Just because we need to be more careful, until ur health is actually much more important than we think… It hurt a lot, it made sad, but it also raised awareness… The most important part for me; To stop procrastinating.

How did acting get into ur blood ? When u look back, what choices in the events u experienced determined ur career ?

Actually, I’d say luckily. Or fate-fortune, I don’t know. It wasn’t planned. Everything developed by coincidence and the rest came so easily :))) I’m interested in Mixed Ring Sports, I’m good at it 🙂 The whole story started with an offer when I was visiting my close friend who works on a plateau in Izmit… Since then, I continue to do my best. I do 🙂

What kind of success target did u’ve in mind when u first entered the sector ? When u look back now, where do u find and see urself in this target ?

I didn’t really have any goals, as it was a completely spontaneous thing. Some things emerged as I learned. Of course, my first goal was to be successful like everyone else. When I look back now, I think I’ve been successful or I’m on the way to be. Or so I hope 🙂 There’s a wonderful audience that makes people feel really happy, strong and never lonely, I thank them very much. My first wish is always; To have a successful, well-deserved career and future…

Which project do u think was the turning point of ur career ?

Actually, I think they all contributed so I can never ignore any of them 🙂 But my last two jobs’ve obviously made me more well-known. The series ‘Yemin’ (‘Oath’) has a special place, I can’t hide it. It has given me a lot.

When u think about the path u’ve taken from the beginning until today,what has been the most distinctive feature that has changed and evolved in ur acting ?

I’m sure a lot has changed. This’s also thought by the audiences. Of course, we learn and develop over time. Every set or every character is a school. If u ask me how I feel, I can say that the biggest change in me is being comfortable in front of the camera :)))

Will we be able to see u in a new project soon ?

I think so 🙂 We’re in a good preparation. U know ours is a work of the heart. I feel good. Of course, the joy of meeting the audience is also different…

What kind of character would u most like to act ?

I don’t think I can give a pinpoint answer to that. Their excitement and adventure r different. I would like to experience many of them 🙂

Do u criticize urself, on which subjects do u criticize urself the most ?

I do it so much :))) Lately, for example, I’ve been paying a lot
of attention to certain things and sometimes such unnecessary things happen that they literally drain my energy. Sometimes I can be too detailed. I need to find the middle ground of some things 🙂 I can give many examples on this subject… For example, sometimes I can be too naive.

What kind of relationship do u’ve with fame ? Does it get more enjoyable or does it make life more difficult ?

Actually, I am always the same 🙂 It’s the outside world that changes. For example, it’s very nice to be loved. Almost everyone I meet makes me feel as if they’ve met someone from their own family. So sincere, so friendly… I really like this situation. I haven’t seen any difficulties yet, if there’re any… Social media only sometimes it can be very sad, unfortunately, because I can’t be careless…

How do u spend a comfortable day that u set aside for urself, what do u like to do ?

I actually like being home. I especially like to spend time with my dog and do sports in the gaps during busy working times 🙂 Along with these, it’s usually spent resting. Mentally and physically…

How is ur relationship with sports, is there any sport u do regularly ?

It’s very good. I love it. In the past, almost my whole life was sports 🙂 It seems like it has become a necessity now. I try to do it every chance I get. Exercises to stay more fit. And of course a well physique 🙂 ‘’Healthy Mind Is Found In A Healthy Body’’

The use of social media seems to have created a generation that is very quick with ‘u’ and ‘me’ and says everything without filter… Does this situation bother u ?

I guess the only thing that bothers me is; People believing the things they’ve made up in their own minds and writing them carelessly, in a distorted style, thoughtlessly in public. Sometimes there’re people with such bad mentality that they not only write comments, they also reach out to friends and family… I can’t understand their purpose. But I’ve learned not to care as much as I used to, thank goodness I’m comfortable :)))

Everyone defines love in their own way, if I ask u the definition of love for u…

I live rather than describe it :))) Sometimes it’s very difficult for me to describe some things… Love is such a thing… Maybe some kind of rebirth, something magical, something different 🙂

U’ve a beautiful relationship with Özge Yağız. Which features impressed u the most ?

This question u asked; That’s the definition of love :))) The answer to the previous question is hidden at the beginning of this question 🙂 I think it would be clearer if I said that it doesn’t have a feature that doesn’t affect it. She’s so different, she’s so special, I’m so glad she exists…

Love can turn from commitment to addiction after a while. Do u think there’s a math to establish this balance ?

For me, there’s no math in this and similar subjects. That’s life… We’re happy, that’s what matters, we’re moving towards the future with good steps :)))

What kind of titles does ur philosophy of life form ?

Be honest, find the truth, love, value, appreciate…

A note for urself when u read this interview in the future If I want u to say…

Take care of ur health, take care of ur family, be successful. Take care to be correct :)))

MAKE-UP: ANGIE @angieselii
MARYAM IRANIASL @meryem_ir29
MANAGEMENT: ICON TALENT @icontalentofficial

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