March 15th, 2022

In this era where people can lounge on a jet headed to the moon, how do we reconcile the need to do what is right for us with the super modernization of our digitalized and fast paced lives. The need to stand out has never been this strong as it is today. Everyone thinks of themselves as a star on their social media. The thin line between reality and fantasy erodes into every sector and has found its way into medicine. The current trend to find one’s voice is what prompted us to interview Dr. Rommel  Asagwara, known to his patients as Dr. Rommel, to gain some insight on how he connects medicine to beauty . He glams and gives a voice to his patients who sometimes feel like there is something missing from their life that is holding them back.

The need to stay healthier using lifestyle changes to induce a weight loss is of paramount importance at Dream Weight Botox Clinic.

Hello Dr. Rommel. Welcome to The Style Researcher Magazine. Can you begin by telling us about your background?

It’s an honor for you to interview me on your magazine. I was born in Lagos Nigeria, a country I cherish for instilling the solid foundation on which I stand on today with regards to respect, morals and hard work. I grew up in a loving, dynamic and healthy family of 5 children, raised by my single mother of blessed memory. All my childhood memories bring joy and a feeling of love which I share among my 4 siblings.

My life has been spectacular and exciting having lived in 3 different continents.

After my childhood in Nigeria, I moved on to France as a teenager forma studies where I was able to fully immerse myself in the culture and love for beauty. My attention to details comes from that French j”e ne sais quoi” FLAIR.

Was there a time you decided to become a doctor and what made you choose that path?

The decision was an easy and early one for me. As I don’t even remember ever contemplating any another profession. I loved medicine, loved its complexity and the amount of grit one has to have to become a physician. As a child, I became fascinated by the complexity of some medical words, that I tried to memorize.  I would glance at my elder sister’s medical books whenever I was fortunate to lay my hands on them, when she wasn’t studying. In a way, my sister who was the first physician of my immediate family, played a huge role in my desire to become a physician. If I could do it all over again, I would still be a physician.

What is it about being a physician that inspires you?

I get my inspiration from my patients. I am fortunate enough to know and listen to them, grow with them and observe the joy in their eyes when a part of their health improves from losing weight . I notice the extra confidence they gain after their cosmetic procedures which comes in different forms. The interactions with my patients are genuine, one devoid of judgement and that inspires me everyday to give them my very best. I can’t think of any other profession that allows me into the lives of people in such a trusting manner.

What was your journey like from start to finish in your medical training?

Overall its been a beautiful journey. Nonetheless, I have had to jump though so many hoops and sometimes felt stuck in some challenging situations. Looking back, it’s been an amazing roller coaster for me. I couldn’t take out any part of the puzzle as all the experiences I got all shaped me.

Living as a teenager in France, Ihad to grow up very quickly. that gave me the force of character that some call my determination. I knew that I could succeed if I not only showed up but put my best into everything. The yearn to shape my destiny and get to my goals were stronger than any obstacles I ever faced.  I went through the hurdles of learning and mastering French in order to get my degree in french which was a prerequisite for me alongside my high school grades, to be accepted into the French Medical University System.

I am grateful for the love and support from my family, friends, professors and host family in France. Those things were crucial in keeping me focused.

The constant growth I experienced as a medical student and later on as a physician in training during my residency as a general physician first in Paris then in the USA has been fulfilling.

How was living in Paris for you?

The famous quote “see Paris and die”, is true depending on what parts of the city, circumstances and the culture one is surrounded with.

I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by amazing people who were passionate about their culture, beauty and lifestyle.

I definitely get my attention to details from that amazing Parisian and French experience where I lived for more than a decade.

Is the new trend medical or surgical for weight loss?

As it concerns weight loss medical procedures trump surgical as first line to most patients because they are less invasive, require no downtime and teach patients how to live a healthier life. This in turn helps reduce cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, pre-diabetes/diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, joint pain from arthritis, some hormonal dependent cancers and other health conditions related to weight gain.

The key to a successful weight loss is consistency where the patient is included in the plan made at the visit which then turns into a lifestyle for them.

In some cases surgical treatment may be warranted from the get go if the health conditions from weight gain are a serious threat to the overall health of the patient. Nonetheless, to maintain an effective surgical outcome, lifestyle changes which is the core component of medical weight loss will be required and sometimes that is coupled with medications that target different pathways in the weight gain alongside some medications.

Are cosmetic procedures common with a certain group of people?

Cosmetic or aesthetic medicine is accessible to all. The new trend we see are the millennials who come in asking for “baby botox”. This term was coined for preventative botox which is scientifically backed by newer research that shows the advantages of getting such treatment early to prevent premature appearance of wrinkles that sometimes happen with excessive sun exposure, poor hydration or genetically induced.

The world of dermal fillers is following the same trend where we use medical fillers to enhance the lips, chin, jawline, raise and contour the cheeks, and also remove fine lines etc.

Our patients belong to all strata of the society as these procedures not only enhance one’s look but add value in ways that encourages productivity, reinforces self love and self confidence. These key elements can propel an individual in ways that could enhance their personal and professional lives.

What is the most frequently asked question concerning cosmetic medical procedures?

The question I get the most is “doctor, will I look different”. This question comes from the media’s depiction of cosmetic medical procedures  as being over the top. Only the extravagant and sometimes extreme makeovers are topics that trend or get shown because of their selling power to create sensationalism. However, a majority of our patients do not want those extreme look. They often ask for a natural or softer appearance and sometimes ask for some areas to be better defined or contoured.

What advice can you give people against cosmetic medical procedures?

I am a strong believer in autonomy where people can choose what’s right for them as long as it doesn’t affect others nor create a distortion to the structure of their society.

Just like body shaming, we have to be mindful and respect the need for choice. What may work for one may not work for the other. So live and let’s live. It is okay not to want any procedures just as much as it is okay to proceed and not get body shamed.

As a physician, I educate my patients on the need to be authentic about who they are and why they seek any enhancement, first for themselves, before trying to please or convince friends, family or strangers that the choices they have made are the right ones for them.

What healthy tips do you have for our readers and the general public?

Finding oneself and doing what’s right for you is key in being authentic and being happier. Medical weight loss and beauty through cosmetic medicine are one of the several tools we have in keeping patients healthier. They not only bring healthier life choices because of the highlight they place on self care, and self love which release neurotransmitters in the brain that stimulates fulfillment, joy and cuts down on stress, they could also empower people to take all the right steps in their personal and professional lives.

The beauty I see as a physician comes when a patient glows because they feel they were a part of a process that empowers them, be it through weight loss or through body enhancements like cool sculpting and facial enhancements with botox or dermal fillers. The ultimate goal is a better quality of life as we get healthier and see the true connection that our mind has with both the side and outside reflection of our body from a  medical standpoint. Looking good has never been this healthy, are you willing to find whatever it is that makes you unique and live unapologetically?

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