Doctor Blondy is a TikTok influencer and creative personality.

Based in Dubai, she enjoys sun even in winter. She raised to fame due to her colorful social videos the speak with irony about love, faith, betrayal, difficult choices.

Bodycon @skims bathrobe @dior

She created a project “Five elements” from recycled materials and draw attention to the consumption of water, plastic, luxury goods and digital addictions. Her project was recognized with special honor by the “INTRA” creative platform.

Dress @elietahari

Olga, that’s real name of Doctor Blondy, has multi-national roots. Ukrainian born and raised, she lived in multiple countries around the world. Her passion to create is embellished by the experiences acquired in France, Spain, USA. Olga says, that Middle East accommodated her warmly and became her true home!

Dress: @revolve

Follow Olga’s art on TikTok @doctor.blondy and get to her the private circle on instagram @doctor.blondy.

Dress @balenciaga
Bodycon @skims bathrobe @dior

Fashion Designer: Audrey Soie @audreysoie
IG: audreysoie

Model: Doctor Blondy
IG: doctor.blondy

Fashion Show Producer: Nikki Ridds
IG: cosmopress

Makeup Artist: Katy Lee
IG: katylee

Location: Madinat Jumeirah
IG: madinatjumeirah

Hair Stylist: Rod Alec
IG: rodalec

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