“At an early age, I was told by my well-meaning agent that ‘I should stay behind the camera.’ Being a disciplined worker, I listened. So I went behind the camera and just pressed the flip camera button.”

San Francisco based artist, Fred Scarf, has been honing his skills as an for the past several years.  Originally an entrepreneur in Los Angeles, Scarf blended his entrepreneurial skills with app development, dance, modeling, and now music and skincare.   

Scarf’s evolution into music and skincare allowed him to introduce another element to extend the range of his talent even further.  His use of entrepreneurship with technology allows Scarf to challenge the boundaries of self determination  – utilizing willpower to seek fulfillment, and have fun while doing it.  

Hello Fred, welcome to The Style Researcher Magazine! We love your work and how you express your art in such various and beautiful ways.
First question: Will you delete your Grindr for us?

I feel like this is getting the cart ahead of the horse. Why don’t we do the interview and start with that. 

Congrats on being in Vogue! Tell us more.

I’ve got more issues than a Vogue Magazine. So me being in Vogue felt inevitable.

The music. Can you tell us more?
I transitioned from model/dancer to artist about 4 months ago. And I spent the pandemic developing my voice and learning to write. 

Why music? What does it mean to you?

Music reaches places in a person that other things cannot. As a dancer, you are dancing to music. As a model, you’re usually being shot to music. Music is the creation of order out of chaos. 

Share a fun fact about your music. 

I write all my music now! There are no co-writers! When I started 4 months ago, I didn’t own any of my songs and wasn’t legally allowed to change the lyrics of the songs I was singing. Now I write my own music.

The products. Can you tell us more? 

As a model, I can’t afford to guess with my skincare. So I created Stop Guessing Skincare. 

Why skincare? What does it mean to you? 

You should be able to smile at your reflection in the mirror. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you look even better. 

What’s the most popular product?
The Clay Mask for Acne and Deep Blackhead Removal. People hate blackheads. 

What product do you love the most? 

The daily scrub. It smells so good. 

Last question: will you delete your Grindr for us?

Only if I get to be on the cover. 

Deal. You are on the cover!

Deleted b!

Model: Fred
IG: fredscarf

Photographer: David James Photography
IG: davidjamesphotography

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