It Girl Corrie Yee on prioritizing growth and exploring the metaverse

By Claudia Gonzalez

A model’s job can appear to be perfect to the naked eye, one filled with luxury and fame but the journey to get there is not an easy one. As a notable It Girl, Corrie Yee, garners a strong passion and years of hard work that have taken her to great heights. Corrie has never been one to shy away from aiming for greatness. With plans to continue growing her brand and delve into the metaverse, Corrie Yee is garnering up an impressive roster that reflects her determination and drive.

At a very early age, Corrie always knew she was meant for greatness outside of her small town in New Mexico. When she was 18, she moved out to Las Vegas and began pursuing and actualizing her dreams by quickly breaking into the modeling industry. Corrie’s love for being in front of the camera has allowed her to aid in the blueprint-helping others aspiring to have a career in the modeling world. A natural avid adventurer and entrepreneur, mega boss babe Corrie continues to dedicate her time to traveling around the world and breaking into the world of real estate. No matter the obstacles, Corrie manifests a future centered on inner growth, as well as growth in her businesses and taking them to the next level.


After appearing on multiple runways, catalogs and acquiring well over a million followers on Instagram, Corrie reflects on the importance of perseverance and dedication as she looks back at her journey. Moving on her own to a new state without knowing anyone or having a set plan as a risk Corrie was willing to take and with the success that she has acquired over the years it has proven itself to be a worthwhile decision. Her hard work and perseverance eventually paid off when she was able to move to Los Angeles and establish her career as a model.

Corrie hopes to influence and help other women who are entering the industry with the same in improving the model by influencing others. Her heart and fulfillment are drawn from empowering other women. Corrie continuously reaches out to women to offer advice and guide others maneuver through the tough and selective terrain that is the model industry. Corrie also focuses on utilizing social media which she quotes as being “the backbone of the industry.”

Dress: Lilit Markosyan Designs

Through her exposure on social media, Corrie has been able to work with some of the top influencer brands such as Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova, Diamonds, and MAXIMUM. Grateful for the brand support and numerous magazine covers, she aspires to work with many brands in the future that align with her goals.

As the new year progresses, you will definitely catch this boss-babe ranking high in real estate while continuing to capture the world with her jaw-dropping pictures. You may even see her entering the metaverse and dominating the NFT world next. Corrie Yee’s drive and determination help solidify a place in the modeling industry for this boss babe.

Photographer: Lee (@lee_lhgfx)

Stylist: Aleksandra Zhuravleva (@aleksandra_stylist_la)

MUA: Camila Dixon (@camiladixonmua)

HMUA: Brian Christopher (@brianchrist0pher)

Instagram of Corrie Yee: @corrieyee

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