It Girl Cindy Muro on Using Her Platform for Social Change

It Girl Cindy Muro has never been one to shy away from utilizing her platform to draw attention to social problems that she’s passionate about. As an It Girl, Cindy has garnered attention in modeling as she continues to land covers of magazine. Cindy is the perfect example of a role model who can combine her love for modeling with her hopeful and driven goals of creating more space for media coverage on issues like the environments of third-world children. As Cindy Muro continues to grace magazines like Fienfh, she focuses on inspiring other women to fully come into their own and build up others who wish to follow in her footsteps.

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Finding confidence while gracing the stages of beauty pageants in Southern California at an early age are where Cindy found her voice Cindy thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by other inspirational, assured women. The experience helped her become more knowledgeable about photographers which would help her later in her modeling career. “The beauty pageant industry was really good for me and to me, I learned so much about myself and learned a lot from women as well as the photographers,” she says. “It was overall a very empowering environment for me, which helped me get to where I am now- I don’t know where I’d be without that experience. My younger self never thought I’d be doing this and living the life I do.”

Cindy finds empowerment in being a part of the storytelling aspect of modeling. One of her proudest moments was when she made the cover for Lowrider Calendar. “I am beyond fortunate to be a part of something that is rooted in my Latino culture while also accomplishing something my younger self never thought she could do,” she says.

Cindy looks up to women, like Adriana Lima and Cindy Crawford, who aren’t afraid to make big waves in the industry and create their own lanes in life. While she knows being strong and bold is necessary, she recognizes the strength in being a sensitive and kind-hearted person. She’s motivated by the impact that she knows she can have on younger women. The support that Cindy received and gave during her beauty pageant days helped build her up to continue onto her modeling career.

Grateful for her platform and appreciative of the life that she’s been able to create for herself, Cindy puts a strong emphasis on speaking out about mental and physical health and other issues she’s passionate about. One of Cindy’s goals is to open a nonprofit and help children in need. Over the years, she’s done her own personal charity work of donating food and clothing to kids as well as helping with counseling. Far from being afraid to lead others, she knows the importance of being able to take care of ourselves and others in order to live a fulfilled life. She wants the generations of younger models to feel comfortable owning all parts of themselves and to build up other women in the industry by having empathy for one another.  “I hope to inspire an audience that also wants to proactively move forward a healthy lifestyle and change,” she says. “I hope we strive towards establishing a better community, strengthening our relationships with others and helping the environment.”

Her self-starter and fearless attitude to take on whatever comes her way gives Cindy the tools to effortlessly handle any undertaking that comes her way. As the self-made boss babe that she was born to be, Cindy strives for a brighter future for everyone. While Cindy Muro will continue to take the industry by storm, don’t be surprised while she is simultaneously spreading compassion and humanity to the world around her.

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