Oil Slick, Beatrice Ferrer.

Unfortunately there are disasters in the history.
When they happen, we just have to be strong, to start again and keep going on.
We can also try to be creative and find energy from them.

This is what Beatrice Ferrer did.

“ Oil Slick ” is a womenswear collection inspired by Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010 that was considered as the worst US environmental disaster and one of the largest oil spills in history.

“ Oil slick ” is focused on the exploration of oil, how it spreads on the sea surface with iridescent and metallic effects. Overall, this collection shows a glimpse of the agony and the mess that the tremendous damages of oil pollution can cause in water but also recognizes the beauty in the midst of chaos and the resilience to overcome catastrophes.

The inspiration of the silhouettes comes from the mixture of the concept. The moment where color, fabrics and a selection of varied textures are mixed all together to create a messy but controlled and pure silhouettes. Pleats are also used to create volume and oversized shapes which represents the profoundness of the problem. Mostly, ‘Oil Slick’ represents the stages of the oil when makes its contact with the water, from the beginning with the release of the oil which has a cober color, slowly turning into gold, until the end where it evaporated and dissolved from the water leaving different mixtures of rainbow color palette mostly seen from the surface. ​​

Beatrice Ferrer is a Spanish womenswear fashion designer recently graduated from IED Barcelona. Since the beginning she showed great passion on textile manipulations which gave uniqueness to her designs. The main use of handwork, textile manipulations and craftsmanship is important to the concept of her collections. She works with structural but simplified shapes which gives to her designs an overloaded collection of energy.

Here more pics of this collection of Beatrice Ferrer 

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