Sergio Derguno photographed the fascinating top model Anna Botvinova De Bekkar for this amazing editorial. We are very happy to present to our readers Anna Botvinova De Bekkar with her own words.

“The Model’s story” is an undiscovered book – if it is meaningful and exciting, one can read it without stopping, having no time for a break. My book is just like that. When you are unexpectedly different – that’s what makes you attractive.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Anna Botvinova De Bekkar – Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor, Academician of International Academy of Real Economy, I fluently speak five languages. Graduated from the Institute of foreign languages named after M. Toresa Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sorbonne. Graduated from Z’S Models School named after Fashion House of the world famous Couturier Slava Zaitsev. My name was also included in the encyclopedia “The Best People of Russia” (2006-2008). Throughout my life I have been following one simple but complex rule – not to betray my principles. It’s quite challenging, but this is the way my parents raised me, and I owe them a debt of gratitude.

I have a tough character, however, it gives an opportunity for the strongest people to be around me and I couldn’t be happier. This mutual sharing of energy drives the creative process of our art group with designers, stylists, makeup artists, and photographers: Olga Trubikhova, Tatiana Sukhodoeva, Masha Kudryavtseva, Eugenia Vayshnur, Levifan. These people bring to life successful projects, that help you not to simply exist, but truly live, breathe, and create. Our team has a distinctive style, unique methods of interacting with the audience, and its own manner of thinking: the idea – where every detail has carefully been considered, nothing superfluous, hits the bull’s eye! That’s how we think, that’s how we feel, that’s how we talk to you. That’s a subtle matter.

I say without hesitation: « Listen to yourself, learn to listen to the Universe, respect each other, enjoy and cherish the time you spend with loved ones, and don’t miss a chance to do good things»!

Thanks you, with best regards,

Anna Botvinova De Bekkar

Model: Anna Botvinova De Bekkar
IG: annadebekkar

Fashion Designer: Olga Trubikhova
IG: olga_trubikhova.brand

Fashion Designer: Tatiana Sukhodoeva
IG: tatiana_sukhodoeva

Makeup Artist: Maria Kudriavtseva
IG: mari_kudri

Retoucher: Eugenia Vayshnur
IG: vayshnur_retouch

Photographer: Sergio Derguno
IG: sergioderguno

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