Liz Anderson photographed the amazing Alissa Janine for The Style Researcher Magazine. We are very happy to present to our readers an exclusive interview with Alissa, in which she replied to all our questions about everything from fashion to music. But first, let’s start with a bit of information about her.

Alissa Janine was born in 1998, the German-Thai singer, rapper, and composer has been living and working in Berlin since 2018. Alissa grew up in Thailand and made her first musical debut at the national TV competition Thailand’s Got Talent, where she received a Golden Buzzer and third prize. Two years later she moved to Berlin to continue her career there and wrote her own songs in English, German and Thai. Alissa is currently signed to London-based record label and artist management agency Riverman, which represented world-renowned names such as Nirvana and Kurt Cobain in the 90s and today includes the bands Placebo, The La Fontaines, Echo Machine, and Stefan Olsdal and Kyle Falconer manages.

In 2020 Alissa released her first professional solo single “Deja Vu”, composing the melody and lyrics herself. The track has over 137,000 views on YouTube and is ranked second in Channel V Asia’s Dance Top 5 category. Subsequently, Alissa produced and released her second single in German entitled “Spätkauf Engel”, as well as her first Thai single “OK” in 2021. This song was also very successful and was featured on numerous Spotify playlists such as “New Music Friday Thailand” and “EQUAL Thailand”. Alissa is currently working on new songs in the genre “Hyperpop”, which is a mixture of “Electronic Dance Music” and “Trap”.

Outside of music, Alissa Janine is also an actress and made her debut as the female lead in the Thai-Egyptian TV series “Rakniramit (The Miracle)” produced by True4U Channel in Bangkok and broadcast on popular TV channels: True4You, True Visions, True Asian Series and TrueID. Before that, she played a supporting role in the well-known German movie “Fack Ju Goethe 2”.


Hello, Alissa. Welcome to The Style Researcher Magazine. Can we start by talking about music? Where do you get inspiration for your music?

Hello and thanks for your interest in me and my work. I mainly get my inspiration from my current surroundings and past experiences. I could be traveling in a bus looking out of the window and I’ll write down some song lyrics or I’ll be taking a shower and a chorus melody pops into my head. I also get inspired by other artists when it comes to style, such as Kanye West and Tommy Genesis.

Do you prefer singing or acting more?

I lean more towards singing, as I feel like I have more creative control over my art and I feel very free while performing live, but acting always is a positive challenge that I am down for. Acting also gives me the chance to play a whole new character but leaves room for my interpretation of it.

What would you consider to be your main music genre?

I like to call my music a mixture between melodic pop and trap. I love working with unique sounds and beats, especially hard-hitting 808s and cool synths while still maintaining the feminine melodies and harmonies, switching between double-time rap.

Are you into fashion?

The way I dress is a part of how I express my creativity and also showcases my personality, so I am definitely into fashion! I like to mix feminine styles with sporty couture, the contrast between the two also translates to how I want my music to sound like, a mix between cool and sweet.

You speak 3 languages, which language would you like to focus your music career on?

I speak Thai, English, and German, and I have released 3 singles all in these 3 languages. Although my main focus would be to release tracks in English, I enjoy writing in Thai and German as well, and I believe art has no limitations when it comes to this.

Would you consider yourself more of an introvert or an extrovert, and does this play a part in your music?

The simple answer to that would probably be an introvert, as I am more of a reserved person who enjoys listening and observing as well as having my own personal time and space. But, I also enjoy night-outs and spending time socializing with my friends and meeting new people. I recharge by being alone so that I can spend it with the people I love, and that also means I can gain insight to write and create.

Do you prefer singing or rapping more?

My music always consists of a mix or a switch-up between the two, either in the chorus or the verse. If I have to choose, as much as I love to sing ever since I was young, I have always felt very comfortable and most like myself when I rap.

What are your other hobbies other than singing/rapping and working on your music?

I love cooking. Finding new recipes and making them are one of my favorite things to do, In a parallel universe if I didn’t do music I would probably aim to become a chef. I also like to watch horror movies and play badminton.

Are there any quotes you live by?

“This Too Shall Pass” and “Everything happens for a reason”. I learned that life is way too short to hold grudges and sweat over small stuff. Being sad and feeling down is totally normal, but we have to move on and happiness is created by ourselves and also found in the little moments.

What are some of your upcoming projects this year?

I will be releasing my new single in august with a music video shot in Bangkok, Thailand. I will also have some live performances lined up, as well as a collaborative project with Stefan Olsdal from Placebo and Miguel Lopez Mora.

Thank you Alissa for this interview and thanks for gracing our cover! We wish you all the best in your amazing career!

Thank you! It has been a pleasure being a part of your beautiful magazine!

Photographer/Creative Director: Liz Anderson
IG: ladydazecreative

Fashion Designer: Lady Daze Fine Jewelry
IG: ladydazefinejewelry

Photographer: Kanchit deesomsak
IG: kanchitdeesomsak

Actor: Alissa Janine
IG: alissajanine

Fashion Designer: Trust Studio
IG: truststudio

Hair Stylist: James Titipat
IG: james_titipatt

Makeup Artist: Unn Manoch
IG: unn_manoch

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