It Girl Alexis Elliot on pursuing travel and crypto

By Claudia Gonzales

The ultimate goal in life is to reach a point in your career where you’re succeeding in all aspects and can still do so even while traveling around the world. It Girl Alexis Elliott knows this feeling all too well as she has not let anything stop her from becoming the boss babe she is today. As someone who started modeling at an early age this life has always been something that Alexis has manifested into reality and she’s only getting started.

Alexis was inspired to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a model and ever since then she knew she wanted to one day be on the cover of fashion magazines. From landing covers on fashion magazines like Roidx, Ellements, and Edith to walking in Miami, Swim Week has garnered an impressive roster in runway, catalog, and commercials. At 22, Alexis moved out to Los Angeles to continue on her destined path and has been working hard to establish her name.

Aside from being the It Girl she is and working to establish her name in this industry, Alexis is working up to expanding her legacy in philanthropy and mentoring work as well. “I want to be able to inspire girls that are trying to model because I know it’s a tough experience. I think it’s so important that I have girls ask me how to get into modeling. I have such a big heart and I want to be able to make them feel happy and secure when they go out to a casting,” Alexis says.

Through all the lessons and experiences that Alexis has overcome in the last couple of years, her drive and determination to reach all the goals she aspired to remain one of her most defining traits. When Alexis began her modeling journey, one of her biggest challenges was working through body dysmorphia. Now, Alexis is happy to surround herself with a team that doesn’t push a certain image of how she should look like. She hopes to help other girls in the industry grow into their best selves and feel comfortable in their own bodies. Inspired by her brother who is now cancer-free, she hopes to start a brand and non-profit to honor him. Now Alexis is getting ready to take monumental steps in her career and is preparing upcoming projects that will leave her followers wanting more. As Alexis continues to work in the shadows to plan out career-making moves, she continues to grace the covers of editorial magazines.

One thing is for sure, you will always catch Alexis on the next flight to her next adventure. As someone who loves exploring new cities and cultures, Alexis has an eagerness to travel to new places and revisit those she loves. From taking in the beautiful scenery of the places she frequents and using those opportunities to create new content to simply just taking a well-deserved vacation, Alexis will always look to make the best of any situation that presents itself to her.

Aside from traveling, Alexis has been thinking ten steps ahead of everyone and has delved into the crypto world. Having been in the game for a couple of years now, she has recently been partnering with others to promote crypto to her devoted followers and invest in her future. “I want to stay involved in crypto for years to come, I definitely think it is our future,” she says. Alexis continuously works hard and maintains motivation to not only attain success for herself but to also use the platform that she has gained to help people around her.

Alexis’ confidence and radiant personality have always been the heart of her. Whether it’s modeling, mentoring, traveling, or exploring the crypto world, there’s no doubt the world will see Alexis garner even more success and take giant leaps in the years to come.

Model: Alexis Elliot (@alexisxelliott)

Photographer: Ashdan K. Ahuna (@kilikaiahuna)

Photographer: Kendall Arzu (@kendallparzu)

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