“I’m a hopeless romantic believe it or not”

This month Raimondo Rossi (known also as Ray Morrison, @thestyleresercher) met Adonis King, Designer and TV Personality, and they had such a nice chat.

Hi Adonis, I’m happy to have you here with me, we have been following each other for years and I’m very happy to know more about you. Your work is great.

Thanks Ray, it’s my great pleasure too! I admire you a lot and I’m seeing your doing great things too!

Grazie (that’s my thanks)! As I always love to start, may I know few words that you would choose to tell us something about your childhood?

Yeah, sure! Fun, Loving, and magical.

When you were a kid, which people helped you? I mean, when you were really down.

My mum always helped me when I was down or something didn’t go right. She’s been my rock from supporting my dreams as a fashion designer to moving across the world with no questions asked.

Biggest crush when you were a teen?

My biggest teen crush would be Channing Tatum hahaha

The world is constantly trying to make you something else, is it or has been difficult to be yourself?

I think it’s always difficult for anyone that doesn’t want to look or act I guess “normal” but what is normal anyway. We all have different backgrounds and visions so you can’t expect everyone to always agree with you on everything. I always say if you don’t have haters then you’re not doing anything right.

It’s also easy to get discouraged, and one of the easiest things to do is give up. But you made it and so good. How?

I always think if someone else has done it, I can do it to. The sky is not the limit because someone walked on the moon, so it’s a mind set. Change your mind set – change your future.

Are great things done by impulse or by a series of small things brought together?

I would say it’s half and half because someone may say being impulsive is risky, but without taking a risk you never know what good may come out of it. Then small things brought together can create something so iconic and groundbreaking.

And what always brings a smile to your face?

To see people enjoying wearing my clothes. I love making dreams come true as well with models that never thought they ever had a chance.

We all know about your career, but can you tell me two of the happiest times of your career? Still in your heart?

I was casting models for my fashion show in New York. I had a model come into the room that had lost all hope in herself, before I could tell her anything she told herself “No”. She showed me how she walks the runway and she looked amazing. I told her that she was going to be in the fashion show and she just bursted into tears. It had always been her dream to go and model in New York. This made me happy because you never know who’s life you can change with just one opportunity.

What food do you crave most often? And what food do you hate?

I love Coldstone ice cream. The food I hate would be sea food.

What’s your relationship with fashion? And with hats?

I started in fashion making my own sunglasses, hats, and clothes. I always wanted to be seen and to make a statement wherever.

What style do you like most? And what style do you love to wear? Would you say that your style expresses what you have in your heart?

So I LOVE a lot of black. I feel like it gives me power and if I want to hide sometimes I can. The style I like most is the 80s, big shoulder pads, a lot of colourful fabrics, and a lot of shine.

Is there a person you would love to work with? Why?

Yes, I would love to work with princess Meghan. I think she would make a fabulous muse.

Are you spending time alone? If yes, what do you like most in those moments?

Most of the time I’m working on new ideas, sketching or playing around cutting fabric to shape it.

Is there a country where you would love to live?

The UK.

In La La Land, they choose their career. Not love. What would you do?

I’m a hopeless romantic believe it or not. I love my career for sure, but I would love to have someone I can share moments with.

What would you love people to know about you?

I’m funny and I love to laugh a lot.

What are the qualities you’re looking for in someone you want to grow old with?

Fun, loving, independent, loves family time, outgoing, and caring.

Last question, can you tell me a secret that still no one knows but at this point of your life you can say to the world?

Hmm… I’m working on my first fashion campaign for the Adonis King Collection and the campaign will be released in Times Square on February 8th. It’s super exciting because I have worked on campaigns for other fashion brands, but now its my own fashion brand and it feels great!

Thanks Adonis, see you soon in NYC!

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