The page About is a list of the Global Media Features of Raimondo Rossi, known also as Ray Morrison, men’s style expert and photographer.

Editor in chief for The Style Researcher Magazine and Accredited by The Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (The National Chamber for Italian Fashion). At the end of the page you can see a photo-gallery.

Global Media Features

  • USA & America

  • Asia & Middle East

  • Europe
  • GMARO (Printed, France, Cover Issue 12)
  • MARIKA (Printed, Moscow, Cover)
  • THE THE (Interview, Printed, pag. 58/59)
  • FAB UK (Interviews, printed, Issue 8 pag. 42/42, Issue 10 pag. 84/85)
  • ELLE (Finland, Mention, see the gallery below)
  • Italy

  • LA NAZIONE (Newspaper, full page, Jan 29, 2021)
  • CIAO DONNA (Printed, Nov 2020)
  • LEI STYLE (All Europe, Printed, Sept 2020, pag. 50/51)
  • EXIT URBAN (Printed – April 2020 and Dec 2019) – Italian Excellence.
  • AOB MAG (Italy, Oct 2019, Interview)
  • 3D MAGAZINE (Interview, Printed, July 2019)
  • ALBATROS (March 2019, Printed and online interviews)
  • TWIKIE (March 2019, Interview)
  • FREE MAGAZINE (Jan 2019, Interview, printed)
  • Some other links of features/interviews are not listed here

Additional informations

About the Mag

“The Style Researcher” was born as a photography website, and later on, growing with some contributors, it evolved in a real magazine with various articles and projects. We love to focus on the best sides of fashion, travels, art, interviewing as well selected people from all over the world.

Work experience

  • PRESS MILAN FASHION WEEK, Photojournalist (June 2015 – Present) Main backstages, as Versace, Armani, Missoni, H. Boss, Prada, Off_White, and more
  • FABUK MAGAZINE LONDON, Photojournalist and Fashion Editor for editorials (Jan 2017 – 2019)
  • PRESS ROME CINEMA FEST, Photojournalist (Sept 2017 – 2019)
  • SIR-K MAGAZINE Fashion Editor / Photojournalist (Mar 2018 – Present)
  • LAFW PRESS, Los Angeles, Photojournalist (Mar 2018 – Present)
  • PRESS “PITTI MEN” FASHION WEEK Florence, IT. Photojournalist (Jan 2015 –Present)
  • METROPOLITAN FASHION WEEK LOS ANGELES, Press, Photojournalist (Oct 2018-Present)
  • MAGAZINE 3D, Italy, Fashion Editor (Sept 2019-Present)
  • BRITISH THOUGHTS MAGAZINE, International Fashion Contributor (Jan 2019-Present)
  • PRESS ROME FASHION WEEK, Photojournalist (Jan 2015 – Present)
  • FASHION EDITOR for SPECIFIC PROJECTS (Nov 2016 – Present) ( Academy of Costume and Moda, Saturno Film Festival, Various magazines like IntElegance, Black and Black NYC, etc.)
  • ASBO MAGAZINE LONDON & ACCADEMIA DI COSTUME E MODA ROMA (Jun 2017) Creative Director & Stylist for Editorials
  • Certificates
  • MOMA New York City, CERTIFICATE IN “FASHION AS DESIGN” (Senior Curators Paola Antonelli, Michelle Fisher and Stephanie Kramer).
  • Michigan State University, USA, CERTIFICATE IN “CAMERA CONTROL” (“PHOTOGRAPHY Basics and Beyond“, Professor Peter Glendinning).
  • California INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS, CERTIFICATE IN “SHARPENED VISIONS” (Professor Douglas Kearney, Poetic Writing, CalArts).
  • Michele Cantarelli’s PHOTOGRAPHY School Certificate, Perugia, IT, Michele Cantarelli’s School.
  • Bachelor and MASTER of Maths Teaching, Perugia University, IT
  • Ewa Benesz’s Certificate (Jerzy Grotowski), Roma, IT, Villa Cenci
  • Gianluca Brundo Acting School Certificate, Perugia, IT, Passignano Theatre School.
  • MC Dance School Certificate, Siena, IT, MC Chiusi Dance School.