Telling you something more about the scenes and the feelings behind a fashion show, from the point of view of the models.
And we want to start talking about the one of Prada, showing you some pictures from that very reserved backstage.

As everyone knows, Prada is one of the most important brands in the world. But what we love to tell you, it’s something different about the models you can see on the catwalks. Differently as people may think, the life of these guys and girls is a simple life.

They wait and wait to be chosen for an important show, and this happens rarely. So many guys and girls are in line every time a brand is calling. Often it’s time to wake up early, go and hope to be chosen! And if this happens, they take their bags and on the big day they go pretty early to the place.

Now things can get easier!
Before the show, at the same time everything is both serious and fun! They can take selfies, take pics together, the haircuts can be crazy and the make up too! So time to take a memory of this day and post it! But attention: nothing about the collection can be posted before the show.

Getting closer to the moment of the start of the show, things get serious and it’s time to focus and be perfect! It’s not just a fun day anymore. A mistake on the catwalk can be pretty dangerous for the career and for the brand!
On the right top model Lineisy Montero

After the show, the smiles start to be seen more and more and it’s time to party, have a cocktail backstage, relax, and time to go or to the next show or to the airport or to a hotel!
Most of them just take a simple urban bus, because life goes back to reality, but with something more in their portfolio!

Magazines are going to post a lot, so it’s time to find themselves in some pictures and editorials, and repost, to have their socials ready for new work.
After the parties, it’s time to wait for a new call! Good luck to everyone!

We are models, but we are also only in our twenties!
Some of the guys and girls you see in these pictures, are right now in most of the Prada shops all over the world, in giant photos or video projections.

But who’s writing had the pleasure to see them partying, smiling and laughing, being sad or worried, playing with their phones, sweating in packed busses, waiting in the strong sun to go back home. Exactly like their equals in age from every country.

One of them told me whilst taking a bus:
“I’m lucky today, I just worked for Prada and in the next days I’m going to walk for Louis Vuitton, but what about me next season? I have to go to school too, I have lots of thoughts. Anyway yes, I am in my twenties, don’t make me think too much!”.

And then he told me: “Bye Ray, please send me all the pics you have of me and with me, for now bye, I have the flight to Jamaica tomorrow, I have to go home, a little dream has for now ended!”.

Photos/Article by Raimondo Rossi (aka Ray Morrison) and previewed in Sir-K Mag.
All the photos in the reportage are “still pictures”, shot one time Polaroid-style and no Photoshop was used.

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